This project is carried out by therapists specialized in different areas. We focus on rehabilitating the affected skills that each of the neurodevelopmental disorders present. We provide therapies of: Language, learning, executive functions, sensory integration and socio-emotional. By covering all these areas within a previously established treatment, we see in our patients great progress that help them to integrate and develop positively in the different aspects of their lives ( individual, family, social, educational and work).

Our main goal is that through well-directed treatments, children become independent adults, capable of developing in a positive way in the life that our society demands today. 

How do we approach the treatments? 

We perform a detailed assessment, in where we interview the parents in order to know relevant data of the child’s life, we choose the appropriate evaluation tests to be applied according to the patient’s characteristics. We discuss the results of the tests with the parents and prepare a therapeutic plan with clear objectives to be addressed during the treatment. Importantly, we do constant work together with the family and the school, a precise follow-up that will help us to set the guidelines of the therapy. 
We accompany parents in this process that sometimes becomes difficult and uncertain. Our job is to guide and strengthen them to face the obstacles with the best possible tools.